Month: August 2016

Review: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Review: The Nightingale by K..

Review So where do I start with this book… Oh I know! I really didn’t like this book! Now wait just a minute before you throw a shoe at the screen. I’ll tell you why I didn’t like this book and why I gave it the rating I did. First let’s start with the rating. […]

Posted August 25, 2016
Review – RIBUS 7 by Shae Mills

Review – RIBUS 7 by Sh..

It’s really hard for me to even put into words how much I loved this book!! I felt like I was in their world and I experience all their feeling as well. This was such a great read!! This is one of those books that you’ll probably remember forever!! I know I definitely will. It […]

Posted August 12, 2016